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Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in this program?

Our program targets female upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, MBA students, and PhD students. We expect all participants to have outstanding academic achievements and have an interest in operations topics. 

Why should I apply for the internship?

You should apply if you:

  • Want to experience what management and operations consulting at McKinsey is all about
  • Want to be mentored by one of our experienced female McKinsey partners or junior partners and learn more about the work they do at McKinsey
  • Are curious and open to new challenges
  • Are seeking an attractive career
  • Have fun working in teams and enjoy solving complex problems.

What opportunities do women at McKinsey have to meet each other and to network?

There are both formal and informal ways for women at our firm to connect with one another. Formally, there are numerous in-person events throughout the year. Some are cross-office programs (such as the Leadership Development Workshop for Women and the Senior Women's Conference) and some are driven by the women's groups in a particular office or practice (such as the West Coast Women's Conference or the Operations Women's Day). We also have an internal McKinsey Women's Web site, which is a great resource for our women (and our men) and provides a forum for information sharing and networking. Informally, most of our women have built relationships – friendships and mentorships – with women whom they have met throughout the firm either through client engagements, training programs, and/or other friends within the firm.

What does a partner at McKinsey do?

Applying their extensive expertise, our partners are consultants to the top management of our clients, lead project teams, and take responsibility for the results of our consulting work. They see themselves as entrepreneurs within the firm, constantly working to reinvent themselves by tackling new topics, tasks, and solutions. In this context, they work alongside younger consultants, acting as mentors and advisors.

What does the recruiting process look like?

The number of internship positions assigned to female partners is limited. Should we find that more applicants are a good fit than we can match with female partners, we will give applicants the chance to complete a standard internship with us – one in which we will make an effort to ensure placement with a female consultant. 

For which country can I apply?

You can apply for one of our countries within Western Europe (please choose office preference). We would expect you to speak the respective local language fluently.

When will I receive feedback on my application?

We will let you know if your application was a good fit by end of January 2017 and, if so, will invite you for an interview. In this case, we will call you to arrange an appointment. 

Will taking part in the recruiting process cost me anything?

Applicants will not incur any costs. McKinsey will cover all travel and accommodation expenses.

How can I best prepare for the recruiting interviews?

We recommend that you properly prepare for the selection day. Sample case studies such as those you will discuss in your interview and further information about how the selection day will be run can be found here.

I have more questions about working at McKinsey.

For more information about working at McKinsey please visit our Careers Web site.