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Internship at McKinsey Operation Practice

Listen to what our consultants have to say about McKinsey

Laura Requeno
Junior Specialist​ in the Operations Excellence Program (OEP) in Madrid

Victoria Teworte
Senior Associate, Munich

Mandy van den Velde
Implementation Coach, Amsterdam

Implementation Leader, Gothenburg

Cecilia Mårtensson
Implementation Leader, Gothenburg

Silvia Bruno
Engagement Manager in McKinsey’s Operations Practice in London

The key to success is spending time to understand what drives you and what your passions are. Once you figure them out, go out and pursue them – be proactive and create a network of people who can support you in achieving your goals!

For me, an internship at McKinsey was an important step in this journey. It’s a unique opportunity to join one of our teams on a real client engagement, experience what living-and-breathing McKinsey problem solving is like, access our extensive catalog of training resources…and get to know an incredible variety of people. It’s an intense experience that provides unrivalled access to McKinsey!

I even enjoyed the recruiting process. The recruiting team was incredibly supportive and ensured I had all the necessary information to best prepare for the interviews. On the interview days, I met several consultants who made me feel at ease. We discussed my professional experience and went through business cases as if we were on a real-life engagement. It was a great first encounter with the typical problems we tackle with our clients. 

Marine Daul
Junior Specialist in the Operations Excellence Program (OEP) in Lyon

Doing an internship at McKinsey is the best way to discover how McKinsey teams and clients work together. From day one you will be on the ground with a team, doing the same job as the other team members. An internship also provides the opportunity to start making connections and receiving great support and advice from the leadership and other colleagues.

McKinsey is a genuine environment for finding a mentor because it is a "people" firm. Everyone looks to help other people to grow, and to work with others to develop themselves in turn. Connecting with aspirational people is the best way to find out what you would like your future to look like, and receiving advice and support from them will definitely help you shape your own path.