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McKinsey's Operations Practice

Recognizing the need to provide even more tailor-made solutions for all areas of operations, McKinsey consolidated its relevant practices in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa into the EMEA Operations Practice in 1997. Our Operations Practice helps clients transform every aspect of their operations – from manufacturing to customer support. Our impact is evident in dramatic improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, and flexibility. We offer clients extensive expertise across the full range of operations topics: manufacturing, quality management, product development, procurement, supply chain management, service operations, capital productivity, advanced analytics, and implementation.

McKinsey's Operations Practice is the largest practice within McKinsey and one of the most successful and fastest-growing functional practices. Today, it operates in some 100 locations worldwide. Our practice has supported more than 700 new projects in the past two years – meaning that one out of every three McKinsey projects involves operations topics.

McKinsey is committed to helping its clients achieve world-class operations. Incorporating strategic thinking with hands-on implementation, we develop and define operational strategies in order to help our clients around the world solve their most critical problems.

If you have outstanding academic qualifications and practical experience, why not consider making the transition to consulting and join our Operations Practice? Whether we are improving production equipment performance, advising on the end-to-end construction of a new production line, or addressing logistics challenges, your specialist knowledge makes you an asset to us and our clients.

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